©Mania Karimianpour | Self Portrait

Mirror of Creation

is a program of Art-Expression Workshops specified for women* of migration backgrounds based in Berlin. With the aim of expressing, self-reflecting and free connectivity through the medium of art, Mirror of of Creation projects offer a creative & safe environment in which women meet to challenge social and personal suppressions and shed expectations to create art together. They share their thoughts and experiences in a visual and verbal format within a group setup.

Mirror of Creation is grounded on community and trust-building and getting out of comfort zones in order to understand oneself better.


With the aim of facilitating women* with knowledge, materials and continuity, Mirror of Creation offers a safe zone in which everyone could meet on an eye level.

In addition to providing a program to create & share artworks, MOC programs also address topics, experiences and themes that would otherwise not be addressed; themes such as experiences in the past, challenges/qualities related to womanhood or being a female* migrant in Germany.

By discussing themes related to immigration/body/shame/fear/ home/ etc. the group grows closer and a reliability is achieved that also goes beyond the frame of the workshops.