2021 | Berlin

Olga Shonova | Both | Photography on Plexyglass | 2021

MOC Lab was a yearly program that took place in 2021 in Berlin. The program provided the possibility for young women* of migration backgrounds (including second generation and diaspora) the skills, tasks and techniques to create art projects of their own.

The participants of MOC Lab were facilitated with access to space and production materials and well as professional knowledge for creating an entire art project from scratch within a medium of their interest.

Shokoufeh Fathi | Home Sweet Home | Interactive Peep Show | 2021

The aim was to offer professional facilitation comparable to those offered in art schools, alas with an inclusive approach and in best effort to exclude restrictions, rigidness and replace them with empowerment based on each individual during their process.
MOC lab is a concept founded on support and encouragement. It regards all individuals that have the desire to express via art equally and believes that with commitment, acknowledgement and encouragement, a healthy guidance and circulation of knowledge and experience within the community, great ideas can develop to be recognised.

During the year, the progress and shaping of each project was openly shared and discussed in the group in a round table during every session. Eventually grounds for corporations and merging of ideas were offered. 

Victoria Alcaide Lucero | Sweet Home | Video | 2021

The result of a few of the projects was summed up in a final catalog.

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