Artworks from  Mirror of Creation Workshops | Berlin | 2020

Mirror of Creation Workshops

Berlin, 2020

This yearly program was funded and took place between January 2020 & February 2021 over the course of 24 sessions expanded throughout a year. The program worked with a fixed group of a total of ten female* participants.

By facilitating a joyful & safe space, these women* were able to meet, communicate and address the social and personal challenges of their everyday life, put away judgement to create art together.

All exercises of the program oriented around the goal of community and trust-building and by empowering through the medium of art, encouraged the participants to get out of their comfort zone to expand their self-reflective horizons.

Acknowledging & Celebrating Self:

Women were equipped with art & expression techniques that they could practice independently & were empowered to value and voice out their personalties, thoughts and feelings. 

Community building:

Trust, sharing and communication were the core of this period. This often creates strong and lasting friendships in the group.

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