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Colombian artist and researcher based in Berlin, Focused on the culture and its constant transformation through changes of space and territory in contexts of social conflicts.

Their approach is centred on employing diverse artistic practices as a research methodology.

This entails analysing and resolving conflicts through a method that offers room for contributions stemming from social practices.

Kardelen Ayhan has a background in comparative literature and translation studies.

As a translator and intrinsic collector of natural objects and mundane artifacts, she works with art and language to question the unutterable and to interact with poetry in another manner.

She is interested in the cyanotype process as a physical and poetic form of articulation of natural and everyday phenomena, and thereby seeks to comprehend the relationship of her subject matters to time and temporality, to the imperceptible and almost-nothing-ness.

Larisa Georgeta Lugojan is a Romanian mixed media interdisciplinary artist. Her works are visually based on lived experiences, feelings and the impact nature has on humans and society and vice versa.

Her favourite mediums are Acrylic, Oil colours, collages, textures, embroidery and bits and pieces that she can implement and experiment with to create captivating canvases that create a narrative by themselves, without the permanent need for a written concept, each viewer can come up with their own narrative and version of the concept based on their personal experience.

Abril Lukac is a dance practitioner born in Buenos Aires. She started professional ballet at the Higher Institute of Art of the Colon Theatre from the age of eleven.

Unhappy with the elitism of ballet, she followed dances that are more coherent with her beliefs. She became part of the CABA : Folkloric Contemporary Dance of Buenos Aires & expanded her knowldge in contemporary dance at Frankfurt University of music and Performing Arts.

This experience has influenced her interest from dance towards the construction of identities, historical cultural revisionism and decolonial thought.

Hey current works are oriented around how to physically process her story, how to get colonialism out of her body and how to work and be in community.

SAM MADHU is a Berlin-based digital artist.

Her work explores the endlessness of bodies in digital and physical spaces.

She creates environments and situations where bodies can be pushed beyond their physical, biological and rational limits.

She sees bodies as buildings, landscapes, monoliths and other facets of architecture. The body is a direct representation of a higher power.

Chie is an observer, who seeks to understand and to share the beauty they discover.

They paint to give space to moments of silence, rest and connection.

VICTORIA MARTÍNEZ is a visual artist originally from Mexico & currently based in Berlin.

Her work involves storytelling of political realities and fictional possibilities, using abstraction and poetry as entry points.

Her practice is influenced by counter-colonial ways of seeing and an interdisciplinary approach, working with video, sound and print.

She has a background in philosophy and is currently part of Lens-based New Media Class at Udk Berlin.

Marina Rayzuki‘s collection of artworks explores the theme of the voice of the inner body. Her figurative paintings which feature twisted and almost grotesque body shapes, are accompanied by subtle facial expressions.

In her abstract series, she works with layers of tattered cloth and ripped canvases that are sewn together using colorful threads, reflecting the delicate and daring nature of repairing, a desire to reconnect with the physical flesh and inner sensations.

While conveying vulnerability she uses repeated strokes of the threads to emphasise the reality of failing, ripping, and breaking, telling a story of the perpetual cycle and inner sensations.

Simultaneously she conveys vulnerability and a composed strength that comes from the repeated strokes of the threads while also recognizing the reality of failing, ripping, and breaking, telling a story of the perpetual cycle.

Lian Ryan explores spatial and structural relationships and investigates the duality of chaos and order. After graduating from painting and visual culture at the Edinburgh College of Art in 2022 she has been working in Reykjavik with a local sculptor and performance artist where she participated in and co-curated group exhibitions.

She is motivated by the physical process of making that echo natural and man-made cycles and patterns in an attempt to rationalise something vast and capricious such as space and time. Her multiracial background and interest in cultures and human behaviour propels her to confront complex systems to invite the viewer to recognise their presence as the subject in her work and acknowledge their presence beyond it.

Soraya Reichl is a theatre maker, drama educator, performer and educational consultant from Berlin. Her work focuses on the artistic and political empowerment of young people.

Both in art and work processes an anti-discriminatory approach is important to her. She is interested in addressing topics from a perspective of resistance, in contradictions, challenging viewing habits, in questioning, overwriting and re-interpreting bodies and dominant narratives and in unfolding political utopias.

Soraya has been performing in several productions at Maxim Gorki Theater. She worked for Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Falken Berlin, Ballhaus Ost and for the IN*VISION seminar & festival, among others. Together with Lea Sherin, she was initiating and directing the performative audiowalk REMEMBER NOW! – A story of remembering each other in cooperation with SOPHIENSÆLE.

This production was followed by numerous invitations to theater and discourse festivals. Most recently from the Season 21/22 - 22/23 Soraya has been working in the Artistic Mediation and Participation Department at Theater an der Parkaue.

Meanwhile she developed a new production in the public space, the performative audio nightwalk WHAT THE HEX?!, which just took place at the closing festival LEISURE AND PLEASURE at SOPHIENSÆLE.

Ash Willison is a multi-media artist and theatremaker based in Berlin. Her entry into the arts was first found devising shows while growing up in Kampala, Uganda. 

Since then she has journeyed internationally and explored the arts expanding mediums to include drawing, facilitation, vocal improvisation, and soundscaping in addition to movement and performance.

Along the way she's picked up a Bachelors in English Literature, Film Studies, and Theatre and most recently completed a Master's degree at Arthaus Berlin (2021). In all her creative outlets, embodiment remains at the foundation.

As a mixed race and third culture kid (TCK), Ash believes in creativity as an active process and perhaps sharing of liminal identities. Her work is both in material and in process design with a focus on cultural reclamation.

Current collaborators include Cosmino Productions, DOGCHILD Theatre, musical duo Band Practice, Cottonwood ALC, and Mirror of Creation!

Mainly oscillating between sculpture and installation, Alungoo Xatan creates works in which the materials are meaning-making components. With that, She delves into crude emotions such as anger, sadness, and envy that usually don't have the space to exist. She uses recognizable visual cues like objects or symbols as a way to open up conversations on uncomfortable topics, often on diasporic life.

"Ultimately, I cease to forgive my uprooting and yearn for ways of healing."

All Mirror of Creation projects as well as MOC Art Residency have been funded by