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Haleh Redjaian completed a Postgraduate degree in Fine Art from HISK, Antwerp. Her works on paper, textiles and site-specifc wall installations are grounded in geometry, but she uses its rules to reshape and retrace the apparent order of angles and lines.

Her compositions subtly belie their own errors and form what she calls a ‘natural abstract language’.

Redjaian believes that these works, nimble yet systematic, refer in part to the manner, in which people create, adapt to and deviate from order in their lives.

She will often base her drawings on a precise background, such as grid paper, and weave graphite into its rigid structures with rough shadings and free-radical lines. Conversely, Redjaian may overlay two pieces of grid paper, drawing directly onto their discordant lines, creating a paradoxical order in the result.

A similar approach can be seen in the artist’s textiles, for which she appropriates carpets made in Kerman and lightly stitches patterns onto them.

She is motivated by the physical process of making that echo natural and man-made cycles and patterns in an attempt to rationalise something vast and capricious such as space and time.

Her multiracial background and interest in cultures and human behaviour propels her to confront complex systems to invite the viewer to recognise their presence as the subject in her work and acknowledge their presence beyond it.

Şirin Fulya Erensoy is a film and media scholar, based between Istanbul and Berlin. Her research focuses on video activism, women and documentary filmmaking and genre cinema.

She has worked as a lecturer in Film and Television at various institutions in Turkey and completed her Marie Curie Individual post-doctoral fellowship at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf (September 2021 - August 2023).

She supplements her academic work with ongoing practices in documentary film production, film curation and journalism.

Sailesh Naidu (they/them) is a writer, filmmaker, and researcher who explores the relationship between the deeply personal and the deeply connected.

They spent the last decade working in the field of education and forced migration with a focus on  gender and sexuality.

In 2016 they were awarded the prestigious German Chancellor’s Fellowship and served under mentorship of Office Chancellor Angela Merkel.  

In 2021 their debut short film “DogFriend” which they created and produced was awarded funding by the German Ministry of Arts and Culture.
“DogFriend '' had its world premier at the British Film Institute, was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival and was nominated for the German LOLA in 2022. 

Collectively their works and writing has been featured in the NYTimes, Die Zeit, The Schwules Museum, Gropius Bau, Urania Berlin, LiteraturHaus Berlin, DADDY Magazine, GALDEM, Volksbühne Berlin,  among many others.

Natascha Anahita Nassir-Shahnian is a queer women of color that has worked in access structures to public funding for 5 years (diversity developement for Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung/ kultur_formen).

She is a political scientist, pleasure activist, moderator & facilitator (process-work, intersectional powersharing & empowerment).

In her own artistic practice she focuses on decolonial storytelling for visions of change and community accountability towards more healed and just futures.

Care (they/them) is a light-skinned Black trans non binary abolitionist care practitioner, artist & doula who works on re-membering embodied experiences of awe, connection, miracles & care. Their work blooms at the intersection of Black interiority, somatic memory and queer intimacies.

Always reflecting on their longing for home and belonging, they create rituals & ceremonies as portals through which displaced people can step into a healing, imaginative space unburdened by colonialism many violences.
Their practice draw from ancestral knowledge and seek to re-enact and/or recreate rituals.Their practice is grounded in an intimate relationship with the land, ancestors, Spirit, the Elements & the more than human.

Care study and professionally practice astrology, tarot, Reiki, hypnosis, somatics, Transformative Justice and doula work in Berlin, Germany. They recently founded the first BIPOC entered TJ group in Berlin.

Saboura Naqshband is a researching, moving, intersectional Muslim feminist, critical art educator and empowerment trainer. She works to empower FINTA and TIN BIPoC through dance and movement. They have worked for several years in research on intersectionality and social and political participation of BIPOC, with a focus on anti-Muslim racism, intersectional feminism, and the postcolonial SWANA and South Asian diaspora.

Shirin Mohammad’s multidisciplinary practice includes multimedia installation, film, and artistic research in archives.

With a particular focus on the socio-political history of Iran, she brings together elements of documentary and fiction to examine the remnants of lost, ignored, and abandoned narratives.

As a result, her work creates relations via site-specific multi-channel installations conceived as a spatial instrument for scrutinizing the issues pertinent to Iranian political history.

She tries to embody the latent promises of strategic approaches to politics - mainly the muted archives of various social movements in Iran- to think through the history of the present and its attendant possibilities for various forms of transforming the future.

Azar Pajuhandé is a visual artist living and working between Berlin and Tehran.

After obtaining a B.A. in Industrial Design from the Tehran University of Arts, she completed her postgraduate studies with an M.A. in visual arts from Art Academy Kassel, followed by a Meisterschüllerin Degree under Dr. Johanna Schaffer and Björn Melhus.

In addition to numerous group exhibitions, she has shown her works in the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Isfahan, Iran and has had solo exhibitions at Art-Lab Berlin, Tankstation Kulturell Vulpunt and Sonntag Berlin.

She has received several grants in Germany such as the Berlin Senate of culture and arts and the Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn.

Chang Nai Wen (she/her) works as a director and producer in theater, live art and film across Asia, Europe and North America. The core of her work is the search for a home that encompasses many worlds.

Her artistic and transcultural experience fosters an environment for creative processes that encourage different perspectives and instigate dialogue.

She does this with her group, Sisyphos, der Flugelefant, her international directors collective “World Wide Lab”, and as co-founder and executive artist director of the BIPoC-focused German network United Networks gUG

Jamila Al-Yousef is a musician, coach and consultant on empowerment, power sharing and intersectional/ racism-critical cultural work.

Since five years Jamila supports cultural institutions as well as free collectives and individuals in their transformation processes.

As a diasporic Palestinian, she founded the decolonial Arab*Underground program at Fusion Festival and set up the Welcome Board to support regugee musicians.

As a theater maker Jamila co-wrote & performs the feminist play „Grandmothers of the Future“.

As a musician, Jamila tours with her band „Jamila & the Other Heroes“ in West Asia, North Africa & Europe, addressing topics of political and historical trauma as well as liberation, healing and resilience.

All Mirror of Creation projects as well as MOC Art Residency have been funded by